Annual report

Clinical Commissioning Groups’ accounts

Annual review

Annual Review 2013-14: a year of putting patients first. This review takes a look at some of our highlights over the last year and includes real life case studies which show how we’ve put patients first.

Business plan

Controlled drugs use regulations

Financial performance reports

Five Year Forward View

Five Year Forward View – sets out a vision for the future of the NHS. The purpose of the Five Year Forward View is to articulate why change is needed, what that change might look like and how we can achieve it. It describes various models of care which could be provided in the future.

Five Year Forward View: time to deliver

Launched at the 2015 NHS Confederation conference, Five Year Forward View: Time to Deliver is aimed at NHS managers. It looks at the progress made to date towards delivering the Five Year Forward View, and sets out the next steps we need to take if we are to achieve the shared ambitions within.

Improvement and Leadership Development Review

A review on behalf of NHS England, Monitor, NHS Trust Development Authority, Health Education England, Public Health England and the Care Quality Commission:


Making local health economies work better for patients

Making local health economies work better for patients – NHS England, Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority (TDA) undertook an exercise to identify the most challenged local health economies (LHEs). This report aims to provide useful lessons and insights into common challenges being faced by other LHEs, as well as giving a springboard to others in developing, or further developing, sustainable solutions for the future.

Stakeholder surveys

NHS England Stakeholder Survey – summary presentation of key themes, May 2014.

See also the CCG feedback – NHS England responds to NHS Clinical Commissioners Ways of Working survey and NHS Clinical Commissioners publish Ways of Working survey results

Understanding the new NHS

Understanding the new NHS – commissioned by NHS England and written by five doctors in training, this is an accessible and informative guide to the NHS for everyone working and training within it. Please note this guide is a snapshot in time and is correct at the date of issue – June 2014.