@WeNurses goes to Innovation Expo – Teresa Chinn

Registered Nurse Teresa Chinn, who set up the hugely popular WeNurses blog and twitter sites, previews her appearance at Manchester Central on March 4:  

“What is the role of social media in health and care?”

It’s a great question and one which I am so pleased to be given the opportunity to talk about at Innovation Expo on March 4.

Having spent the last three years of my life advocating the use of social media in health through #WeNurses this is something I feel very passionately about. I just hope I can contain my excitement for long enough to explain to those at Expo why I think social media has become so important in health.

Having started this journey three years ago as an isolated agency nurse, I feel that social media is something that has not only transformed my practice and transformed my career but has also had far reaching implications. I believe we may never know the full extent of the ripples that WeNurses has caused and continues to cause.

I feel honoured to be invited to speak at Expo and be the voice for the wonderful #NurseCommunity. But there is a part of me that feels we should all have a say and that we should all be able to share our thoughts about “What is the role of social media in health and care?” So, as ever, never being one to take things at face value or pass up the opportunity to give the #NurseCommunity to share their thoughts, we will be running a spin off hashtag for the event: #WeExpo.

We are inviting you on the morning of 4th March to share your tweets and your thoughts on “What is the role of social media in health care?”  Using #WeExpo you can send one tweet or a whole host of tweets, we don’t mind.

The idea is that those who are using social media and feel passionately about it share their perspective at Expo – without even needing to be there! (Of course if you are going to Innovation Expo please feel free to share too). We often tweet out for healthcare conferences and share what happens in the room with the outside world but for this event we want to bring the outside – YOU – into Expo.

Don’t worry – we will send you plenty of tweets to remind you leading up to the event.

My general feeling is that your tweets will be diverse in opinion as they are in perspectives.  I am also convinced that all of them will be extremely valid, pertinent and valuable.  I am really looking forward to reading what you Tweet .. and I am hoping, by the wonder of modern technology, that these tweets can be shared as I talk.

Teresa Chinn – Registered Nurse, Professional Social Media Community Development and blogger WeNurses

Teresa was an agency nurse who found herself professionally isolated and reached out to social media to connect with other nurses.

Teresa runs WeNurses which is primarily a Twitter-based real time weekly discussion that enables nurses to share ideas, information, experience and expertise around a predetermined subject.

WeNurses has grown and developed significantly and now has a following of over 11,000 and uses a range of social media to engage them including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Vimeo, Blogs and Prezi.

In addition to running WeNurses Teresa has become a social media specialist and now works with healthcare organisations delivering workshops, seminars, speaking at conferences and providing social media consultancy.

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