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Specialised immunology and allergy services

This Lead and Inform Clinical Reference Group (CRG) covers specialised treatment of certain immunological and allergic conditions. Scope This clinical reference group covers: Immunological conditions including: primary immunodeficiencies autoimmune and autoinflammatory disease where there is associated immunodeficiency complex autoimmune and vasculitic conditions autoinflammatory syndromes Allergic conditions including severe, complex and/or rare sub-groups. Membership Dr Claire […]

Interim Clinical Commissioning Policy: IL-6 inhibitors (tocilizumab or sarilumab) for hospitalised patients with COVID-19 (adults)

Rapid policy statement Publications approval reference: C1712 Contents Commissioning position Evidence and policy summary Implementation Governance Equality statement Definitions References Publication date: 28 November 2022 Effective from: 28 November 2022 Commissioning position Tocilizumab is recommended to be available as a treatment option through routine commissioning for adult patients (aged 18 years and older) hospitalised with […]

Updated JCVI guidance for vaccinating immunosuppressed individuals with a third primary dose

Contents Actions now required Annex A – JCVI list of eligible individuals Annex B: Template letter to severely immunosuppressed individuals for GP practices and consultants to adapt and issue Annex C – Template letter for consultants (to be put on consultant / GP letterhead)   Classification: Official Publication approval reference: C1399 To: All GP practices […]

COVID-19 Therapeutics (antivirals, neutralising monoclonal antibodies and interleukin 6 inhibitors)

This section contains information on the total number of COVID-19 therapeutics (antivirals – ‘AVs’, neutralising monoclonal antibodies – ‘nMABS’, and interleukin 6 – ‘IL-6’ inhibitors) provided by the NHS in England to: Eligible individuals hospitalised due to COVID-19, or with hospital-onset COVID-19 in England. Eligible non-hospitalised individuals in England with COVID-19 since AVs and nMABs […]

Specialised blood disorders

This Lead and Inform Clinical Reference Group (CRG) covers haemophilia and other bleeding disorder services. Bleeding disorders are medical conditions in which the blood fails to clot properly. These conditions are rare in the general population, affecting around 24,000 people in the UK. Most are genetically inherited. They include Haemophilia A and B (classified as […]