Always Events® examples


Area of focus

Vision Statement in the words of the patient

Aim Statement

Lancashire Care NHS FT Blackburn Community Learning Disability Team Supporting people living in the community using the service I will always feel supported moving on in care By December 2015 80% of people discharged from Blackburn Learning Disability Team will report they feel supported moving on in care
Lancashire Care NHS FT Guild Lodge People who use services at Guild Lodge expressed a lack of confidence in the complaints procedure My Voice Always Matters 100% of people using services at Guild understand and are supported to provide feedback by March 2018
Humber NHS FT Assessment and Treatment Unit “We will always be able to contact people who are important to us 24hrs a day” Patients will have access to their preferred equipment to contact important people to them within 5 minutes of their initial request 95% of the time by 31st March 2018


Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust Mental health services for older people “I will always receive a satisfactory response to my query/update request in a timely manner”


From June 2018 95% of patients and carers will receive timely responses to enquiries they make about care and treatment


Central London Community Healthcare Trust Community nursing Teams “We will always be supported to be involved in the planning and delivery of our care”



At least 85% of patients being seen in community nursing services will report feeling involved in their care, this will be reviewed every 6 months as part of the ongoing work of the Always Events, as a Trust we will continue to consistently achieve the 85% target.


Manchester University NHS FT Improving communication when planned surgery was cancelled on the day I will always be kept updated if there are any changes which may cause my operation to be cancelled By June 2018 95% of patients and carers will have timely communication regarding any risks with their planned care being cancelled on the day
Royal Cornwall NHS Trust Neurological rehabilitation  Inpatient I will always have access to up to date information about Marie Therese House prior to or on admission. By December 2018 all patients and/or relatives will receive a patient handbook prior to or on admission to Marie Therese House rehab unit.
The Christie NHS FT Outpatients I will always be offered to leave the department whilst awaiting my blood results. By December 2018 patients who wish to, will be able to leave the department whilst awaiting blood results.