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Jacqueline Cornish

Dr Jacqueline Cornish was appointed to the post of National Clinical Director Children, Young People and Transition to Adulthood in NHS England in April 2013.

She is passionate about continuously striving for improved healthcare outcomes in this young group, giving them and their families the best experience and delivering care safely to the highest possible standard.

She is a practicing clinician, having only recently stepped down as Director of Paediatric Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Dr Cornish specialises in the transplant of children with a high risk haematological malignancy, and the Unit has been pioneering in the development of the use of alternative donors, detection of molecular minimal residual leukaemia, and white cell chimerism techniques.

Dr Cornish has over 20 years’ experience of Medical Management in the NHS, having been Head of Division of Women’s and Children’s Services at University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust for 10 years before taking up the National post. She believes strong synergy between clinicians, dedicated managers and commissioners leads to the best result for patients and is a hallmark of high performing organisations and services.

With this clinical and managerial background, she intends to contribute towards making a real impact on the improvement of health and wellbeing outcomes in Children and Young People in England. She believes strongly in Parity of Esteem, for CYP overall but importantly bringing mental health on a par with physical health.

She hopes to secure robust Transition to adult services though multiagency partnership working for all young people with chronic and long term conditions, making their experience positive such they remain engaged with their services and are supported to take responsibility for their own health as they move into adulthood.