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Philip Shelley – Senior Operational & Policy Manager
Philip was the Chair of the NHS Review of Hospital Food that was announced by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. His role at NHS England covers a range of topics within Soft Facilities Management, including the leadership of the Food Review recommendations, cleanliness and linen management. Having served as National Chair of the Hospital Catering Association, he proactively drives collaboration between fellow organisations such as the British Dietetic Association, Health Estates and Facilities Management Association and Malnutrition Task Force, with the aim to strengthen a holistic approach to catering services for patients, staff and visitors in healthcare. He has been acknowledged with the Public Sector Catering Award in 2018 and the Outstanding Service Award in 2020 by the Hospital Catering Association. He is also an ambassador for Love British Food, Guardians of Grub, and the Spearmark Hydration Droplet.