Speakers and programme

The CNO Summit 2018 built upon the work done to implement Leading Change, Adding Value; a framework for nursing, midwifery and care staff.

It placed particular emphasis on:

  • The impact of nursing and midwifery globally
  • A workforce fit for the health and care system of the future
  • Leadership in changing times

The Summit offered an opportunity for the senior leadership community to explore how to deal with these current challenges and use our leadership and ambition to shape the future of our health and care system. Our professional ability to adapt, innovate and lead is critical to achieving high-quality care, whether we work in practice, academia, management or policy.

Some of the topics for the CNO Summit 2018 included:

  • Nursing Now! – Global nursing and its impact
  • Five Year Forward View – final stages and beyond
  • Image of nursing – Nursing yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Resilient leadership in uncertain times
  • Future nursing and care workforce – best practice on retention and staff experience
  • A safe workforce for the future – a global perspective
  • Building a resilient workforce – the role of the regulators
  • Nursing, midwifery and care leadership Integrated Systems

The 2018 CNO Summit included a programme of high-level speakers and participants from the UK and internationally. The 2018 programme can be accessed here.

Included in the CNO Summit programme were a series of breakout sessions, some of which were organised by the CNO Summit 2018 sponsors. There were also 2 sponsored fringe sessions. Information on all these sessions is available here.