How commissioning is changing

Commissioning will be central to the NHS meeting the challenges it faces today and in the future, and in ensuring that the NHS delivers the triple aim of improved population health, quality of care and cost-control. In order to deliver the triple aim, commissioning will need to continue to develop as it has since its inception.

There will be a need for commissioners to work more closely together, aligning their objectives with providers and taking a more strategic, place-based approach to commissioning. Sustainability and transformation partnerships, integrated care systems, devolution and co-commissioning will all play key roles in ensuring that the value of each pound spent in local areas is maximized.

Intention to delegate commissioning functions to integrated care systems, July 2021

In this letter Amanda Pritchard, Chief Operating Officer, confirms the intention to delegate some NHS England commissioning functions to integrated care systems from April 2022, subject to Parliamentary approval.