NHS Provider Selection Regime

The NHS Provider Selection Regime (PSR) will be a new set of rules for arranging healthcare services in England.

The aim of the Provider Selection Regime is to give decision makers a more flexible process for deciding who should provide healthcare services, to make it easier to integrate services and enhance collaboration, and to remove the bureaucracy and cost associated with the current rules.

It is intended to fit with the integrated, collaborative approach to healthcare commissioning being established in the Health and Care Act by providing a decision-making process that makes space for collaboration to happen and that ensures all decisions about how healthcare is arranged are made transparently and fairly, and in the best interests of patients, taxpayers, and the population.

The PSR will be introduced by regulations made under the Health and Care Act 2022.

The Provider Selection Regime is not expected to be in use before July 2023. We expect more clarity on timeframes for implementation from Government to be published shortly.

Until the PSR is in force, current rules must be followed to arrange healthcare services.

A preview of the proposals for the Provider Selection Regime is available.

The Provider Selection Regime has been developed in response to consultations by both NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care.

You can now register your interest for upcoming Provider Selection Regime webinars.