The consultation on draft standards and service specifications for congenital heart disease (CHD) services is now CLOSED

Any submissions that arrive after this time cannot be accepted as official responses to the consultation.

Of course you will be able to share your thoughts and views with us at any time and we will continue to listen to and work with all stakeholders, but a response received after the closing date (5pm on Monday 08 December 2014) can’t be considered as a consultation response.

The information below relates to a closed consultation. The consultation hub and citizens space are no longer accessible.

If you have any queries you can contact the new CHD review team at:

The following key resources are also available on our consultation hub:

  • a consultation document, introducing the standards and specifications and setting out the key questions we are asking;
  • the draft standards and specifications on which we are consulting, combined together in a single document;
  • an easy-read version of the consultation document; and
  • a reference pack which pulls together useful background information which has been published during the review to date.

Audio-visual materials, describing the draft standards for CHD services, are also available and can be found on the NHS England YouTube channel via the links below:

Consultation events

During the consultation period the review team will be hosting a number of open consultation events which will be suitable for all audiences. The events are designed to help those who attend to learn about and understand the standards and the changes these could mean to services. The events will be of an ‘exhibition style’ which will include panel displays, audio-visual materials, and team members to talk to.

To view a list of these events and register to attend, please use our online booking system.

Holding an event during consultation

We know that many of the partners who have contributed to the review will also hold events to support families and people with CHD in responding to our consultation or to support staff to respond, individually or collectively.

We have created further support materials for use at your events or meetings:

You can download copies of materials from our consultation hub to use at your events or meetings and you are welcome to present the audio-visual material available on the NHS England YouTube channel.

We know that many of our partners are experts at managing events, but if you are holding an event these are the items that we think about when planning events:

Consultation materials have been translated into Polish, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi and Welsh and can be accessed via our Translated Materials page.  If you have any questions about our materials, or you require them in an alternative format (e.g. braille or other languages), please contact a member of the team at: or on 0113 8248232.