Data Services

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Data Services was established by NHS England to ensure that information about the performance and impact of NHS services is available when decisions are made about the commissioning of health services. Data Services also ensures that information has been accessed legally in accordance with all applicable laws and mandatory guidance contained within the Health and Social Care Act 2012, the Care Act 2014 and the European Union General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR).

Data Services provides information to analysts working for NHS England in the form of data warehouses and packages of specific sets of data. The packages of data we produce enables analysts to provide evidence in the form of reports and dashboards to support the NHS drive to improve health and wellbeing across England.

Information governance

Find more information on how we ensure that the data we provide is legally compliant and what steps are taken to make certain personal data is secure and individual privacy is protected.

Data quality improvement

Here you can find more information on how we improve the quality of the data we provide to analysts and commissioners working within the NHS.

Improving access to data

Here you can find more information on how we work with the NHS to secure access to data and the work we do to help the NHS manage its data better. You can also find information on how we improve access to our information for those who need it.

Stakeholder engagement

NHS England is working to improve health and wellbeing by applying data and analytics in decision making around the commissioning of new and existing health services.