Stakeholder and patient support

How can the Data Services for Commissioners (DSfC) programme and its resources support providers, commissioners and patients?

  • Increased understanding of how their data should flow in a legal manner and the data they can access using their statutory duties
  • Increased understanding of the agreements required to support data flows and clear links to supporting documentation
  • Open and transparent data processing pathways which ensure that data controllers (providers and commissioners) can be assured and can in turn assure their patients that their information is processed lawfully
  • Increased ability to access consistent data for analysis, reporting and benchmarking
  • Reduced provider burden of submitting commissioning data requests in various formats by increasing consistency
  • Improvements in the timeliness and frequency of national data flows over time
  • Standardised data quality checks and publication of good practice guidance to support providers increase data quality
  • Ability to link patient data (under strictly controlled conditions) across different pathways and analyse these using a consistent commissioning pseudonym

How does DSfC want to work with providers and commissioners?

We want to encourage commissioners, providers and DSCROs to work with the DSfC programme to develop a range of products and solutions that address the current issues facing commissioning intelligence and support them for the implementation of the Data Services Platform.

The DSfC programme team would like to work with providers and commissioners to reduce the number of local commissioning data flows by:

  • Maximising the use of national data flows wherever possible;
  • Using, developing and continuously improving conformed specifications;
  • Mapping non-conformed local data flows to DSfC dataset specifications;
  • Developing data quality assessment and improvement strategies;
  • Sharing local best practice;
  • Sharing specifications that have already been standardised locally to inform future cohorts for conformance;
  • Reviewing, improving and implementing other DSfC products as they become available.

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