Flash glucose monitoring

On World Diabetes Day on 14 November 2018, Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, announced that flash glucose monitors will be available on prescription for every patient who qualifies for them, in line with NHS clinical guidelines.

A flash glucose monitor is a wearable sensor which relays glucose levels to a smart phone or e-reader, allowing patients with Type 1 diabetes to better manage their condition.

This action will end the current variation some patients with Type 1 diabetes are facing to access the device and it will be funded from 1 April 2019, from next year’s funding growth for local health groups.

Currently, it is estimated that around 3-5% of patients with Type 1 diabetes in England have access to Flash Glucose Monitors but this new action means it will be funded for 20-25% of patients with Type 1 diabetes, from next year’s funding growth for clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

Implementation is being led by NHS England’s Innovation, Research and Life Sciences team who are working closely with the NHS England Diabetes team.

The national arrangements for funding of flash glucose monitoring sensors for relevant diabetes patients, including criteria for eligibility, are now available.