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Using digital technology to improve health and care

We’re using technology to help health and care professionals communicate better and enable people to access the care they need quickly and easily, when it suits them.

From websites and apps that make care and advice easy to access wherever you are, to connected computer systems that give staff the test results, history and evidence they need to make the best decisions for patients, we’re working smarter to provide better care than ever before.

News and blogs

Improving early diagnosis of cancer

In the latest of series of blogs marking 70 years of cancer care, and what the future might hold, the Programme Director of the West Midlands Cancer Alliance explains how implementing a digital pathology programme now will support the 100,000 genomes project and unlock the personalised medicines of the future. Celebrating 70 years of NHS […]

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Empowering people

We’re creating new apps, websites and services that help people manage their health and wellbeing, and get advice on the go.

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Connected digital systems

We are replacing paper files with quick, secure, connected systems that give us the information we need for great care.

Why the NHS needs to use digital technology to work smarter

Matthew Swindells is NHS England’s Director for Commissioning Operations and Information. In this video he discusses how he thinks the NHS must use technology better and why this is important for patients and the future of the NHS.