Local Digital Roadmaps

The Five Year Forward View and Personalised Health and Care 2020 describe the commitment by the health and care system and the Government to use information and technology and make sure patient records are digital and interoperable by 2020.

It is clear that ‘digital’ has a significant role to play in sustainability and transformation, including for example delivering primary care at scale, securing seven day services, enabling new care models and transforming care in line with key clinical priorities.

In September 2015 a process began to allow local health and care systems to produce Local Digital Roadmaps, which set out how they will achieve these commitments.

  1. Local commissioners, providers and social care partners organised themselves into Local Digital Roadmap Footprints.
  2. NHS providers within the Footprints completed Digital Maturity Self-assessments.
  3. Local Digital Roadmaps were developed.

Local Digital Roadmap Guidance was published in April 2016, which supports the third step of the process for the development of LDRs.

73 Local Digital Roadmap Footprints were submitted in June 2016, but in Autumn 2016 this was reduced to 65 as some footprints combined in order to align more closely with Sustainability and Transformation Plan Footprints.

Local Digital Roadmaps were published locally in January 2017.

Local Digital Roadmap Footprints

Access the Local Digital Roadmaps and view a full list of the organisations that are included in each Local Digital Roadmap Footprint:

NHS England regional teams are working with these footprints to support the ongoing development of their LDRs – with a focus on Sustainability and Transformation Plan alignment, approach to information sharing, and universal capability delivery plans. The national team is looking at developing insights from the LDRs and identifying exemplars.

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