Local Digital Roadmap Footprints

In October 2015, all 211 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) submitted details of the Footprints within which they would work to develop Local Digital Roadmaps. These Footprints were endorsed by the NHS England Directors of Commissioning Operations.

Each Footprint is comprised of:

  • A single CGG or partnership of neighbouring CGGs
  • Providers, Local Authorities, and Health and Wellbeing Boards

In the period following the initial Local Digital Roadmap submission date in June 2016, some Footprints combined to align more closely with Sustainability and Transformation Plan Footprints. Following reconfiguration the number of Footprints reduced from 73 to 65.

The relationship between Sustainability and Transformation Plan Footprints and Local Digital Roadmap Footprints is mostly one-to-one or one-to-many, with. Peninsula Local Digital Roadmap working across two Sustainability and Transformation Plan boundaries (Devon, and Cornwall and Isle of Scilly).

This document shows the relationship between each of the Local Digital Roadmaps and Sustainability and Transformation Plans.

View the Local Digital Roadmap Footprints

See the full list of the organisations that are included in each Local Digital Roadmap Footprint: