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Title: Commissioning Policies: Funding of Treatment outside of Clinical Commissioning Policy or Mandated NICE Guidance

Date: 30 November 2016, 3.30 – 5pm and 6 December 2016, 4.00 – 5.30pm

Description: NHS England has today launched a consultation on four related policies that describe how NHS England will make decisions on funding for treatments that are not currently routinely commissioned.

The four policies are: in-year service developments, individual funding requests, funding experimental and unproven treatments, and continuing funding after clinical trials.

The public consultation, which launches today, will be open for 12 weeks and will ensure the policies help NHS England make the most effective, sustainable and fair use of its finite resources.  The key themes of the consultation findings and feedback will be published on the NHS England website.

The draft policies are the result of a review of the eleven existing policies established when NHS England became responsible for commissioning of specialised services in 2013.  The review, which took into account the lessons learned from using the policies in practice, as well as feedback from stakeholders, found that many of the original eleven are now covered by Department of Health or other NHS England policy.  The four areas that still require distinct policies are the focus of the consultation.
During the consultation period, NHS England will be hosting a number of face-to-face events, and webinars. The aim of these events is to provide you with an opportunity to learn more, and clarify any points, so that you can contribute your views to the online consultation in an informed way..

The webinar is open to anyone with an interest in these proposals.