These pages contain a collection of tools, information and useful links to help Pioneers to deliver integrated services to the local community.

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Annual report

Since the launch of the programme, annual reports have been produced to show the progress made and the challenges experienced by Pioneers on their journeys.

Read the Integrated Care and Support Pioneer Programme annual report.

Integrated Care signposting tool

The Local Government Association and national partners, supported by Integrating Care, worked with representatives from health, local government and the third sector from across the country to co-design a package of support for those implementing integrated care.

At a series of design workshops held across the country in July 2013, health and social care leaders from across the system were in agreement that there was already a wealth of useful information to support the implementation of integrated care in existence, but that it would be beneficial to have a signposting repository where they would be easily guided to existing support material.

The purpose of this document is to signpost individuals to useful resources around different ways to overcome barriers to integrated care and to provide answers to key questions. It is also possible to search the sources by the common elements of integrated care.

Integrated care value case toolkit

Other useful resources