Interpreting and translation in primary care

Integrated care Boards (ICBs) are responsible for ensuring translation and interpretation services are available for patients accessing primary care. To support ICBs in their duties NHS England have published this guidance for commissioners.

How NHS primary care services can access Translation and Interpretation for patients

If you are wishing to access translation or interpretation services for your patient, please note that NHS England do not hold contact details for translation and interpreting services. These are commissioned locally either via your integrated care board (ICB) or your regional NHS England primary care commissioning team. We would always suggest reaching out to your local ICB in the first instance.

Becoming an interpreter

If you are looking for information on how to become an interpreter for the NHS, you will need to contact an organisation that providers interpreting services.

Ordinarily interpreter services are commissioned by NHS organisations to third party translation and interpretation services via commercial frameworks, such as on the Crown Commercial Services site. We would always signpost people wishing to become an interpreter for the NHS, to contact one of the organisations listed on the commercial frameworks.

NHS England and other NHS organisations do not ordinarily recruit interpreters.