Research and evidence

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With a key focus on evidence based practice, there is a need to further embed nursing and midwifery research capacity, capability and academic leadership across both health and care sectors. There is also a huge appetite from nursing and midwifery clinical academics to provide a gateway to integrated health education, research and clinical practice.

The Leading Change, Adding Value (LCAV) framework positions nursing, midwifery and care staff as leaders, wherever they work, whatever their role and highlights the need to apply the same importance on how we measure the outcomes of their work, as is applied to demonstrating quality. LCAV encourages staff to focus on “unwarranted variation” and identify any adverse differences in the care of people, individuals and populations and then reduce that unnecessary variation in practice.

LCAV has a strong research focus running concurrently through it and there is a specific research commitment – number 7 – “We will lead and drive research to evidence the impact of what we do”. LCAV was developed to help nursing, midwifery and care colleagues truly consider the outcomes of their work and question whether their actions always make a measurable difference to experience, outcomes and the use of resources.

An ‘Atlas of Shared Learning’, will be an interactive repository of over 200 case studies, showcasing how nursing, midwifery and care staff have identified and addressed variation to improve outcomes, experience and make better use of resources. A complementary ‘National Unwarranted Variation in Practice Research Portfolio’ will provide an overview of where work is occurring, completed research, as well as research in progress and suggestions for nursing, midwifery and care staff to undertake research pre and post registration where there are currently gaps. In support of this the Chief Nursing Officer for England is working in partnership with the Council of Deans of Health and HEI colleagues to consider key priorities for nursing and midwifery research in England.

Therefore the  LCAV research and evidence page has been developed for nursing, midwifery and care staff to share learning around leading and driving research to evidence the impact of everything we do. If you have developed a research project or completed an evaluation aligned to the LCAV framework, the research and evidence website is the place to tell others about it.

You can also view information that has been shared by others including nursing, midwifery, care staff and academics to help inform your work. Sharing your research will support others to adopt or adapt your study to meet their research needs. It will also support evidence-based decision making and avoid duplication of work. There is access to useful tools and resources including opportunities to form collaborations with others.

Hear Flo Panel-Coates, Chief Nurse at University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust discussing the important contribution that nursing, midwifery and care staff can make to research.