Policy matters

Nursing and midwifery leadership includes working with partners across systems and pathways; and at the point of care, expert leadership of clinical and operational improvement is a core skill which every nurse and midwife has in leading change and transforming care.

However, that voice and perspective which brings with it robust professional, contemporary and clinically relevant advice and knowledge has a huge opportunity to contribute and influence policy development and implementation.  In doing so, we can maximise the professional contribution and leadership to both influencing and delivering change at national, regional and local levels across both health and care sectors.

This section offers the opportunity to engage with policy initiatives and publications, consultations and requests for feedback – it is our opportunity to help shape the future of healthcare delivery.

CNO Policy Team’s work is focused on government policies, opportunities and challenges across health and social care, sharing perspectives and publications from across the sectors including strategic transformation examples, academic publications and briefings, to help provide a view of the policy landscape for health and social care.

This page will be updated over the next few weeks. We will share information on:

  • Government health policy
  • National regulatory bodies and their developing initiatives
  • Supporting and shaping national policy for health and social care
  • Other relevant publications

Several webpages you may be interested in: