My Care and Treatment Review (CTR)

This page is for anyone who is thinking about having a Care and Treatment Review, also called a CTR.

CTRs (or CETRs for children and young people) are for people with learning disabilities, autism or both. They are for people living in the community and in learning disability or mental health hospitals. CTRs help to improve care for people whose behaviour is seen as challenging and/or for people with a mental health condition.

My Care and Treatment Review booklet

This booklet tells you all you need to know about CTRs.

Parents at Bringing Us Together have written a guide for family carers which offers further help and advice about CTRs.

My CTR Planner

This booklet helps before, during and after the CTR.  It is about consent, planning your CTR and what happens next.  You can either fill it in on a computer, or print and fill it in by hand.