My Care (Education) and Treatment Review (C(E)TR)

This page is for anyone who is thinking about having a Care (Education) and Treatment Review, also called a C(E)TR.

CTRs or CETRs for children and young people are for people with a learning disability, autistic people or people with both. They are for people living in the community or when they have been admitted mental health hospitals. The aim of a CETR is to ensure that care and treatment is delivered in the least restrictive way. This includes ensuring that a young person is not admitted to hospital unnecessarily or if the young person requires admission to ensure that their stay is as short as possible.

My C(E)TR planner

This booklet helps before, during and after the C(E)TR.  It is about planning for your C(E)TR and what happens next.  You can either fill it in on a computer or print and fill it in by hand. Your Care (Education) and Treatment Review should be a good experience for you and a chance for you to have your voice heard.