Overarching aim: People living with frailty will get the care and support they need to lead as healthy and active a life as possible for as long as possible.

Key contacts

  • Clinical Director: Dr Bettina Wan, Consultant Geriatrician, University College London Hospital NHS Trust.
  • Associate Director: Malti Varshney
  • Head of Clinical Network Development: Shaun Crowe
  • Senior Clinical Project Manager: Catherina Nolan, Clinical Lead Occupational Therapist, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Project Manager: Josh Brewster

2019/2020 Focus Areas

Improve frailty identification in primary care

Identifying frailty can be challenging. Not all older people have frailty and not all people living with frailty are old.

We plan to obtain population estimates of people living with frailty in London and identify the prevalence of people living with moderate frailty in London, and the proportion that have received an assessment for their needs. This sets the opportunity gap for improvements.

We will work with professional bodies to standardise the methodology for identifying frailty and develop training with Health Education England so that more professionals can identify frailty.

Proactive person-centred assessment and care planning

We plan to scope care plan models, multidisciplinary team engagement and activity across London to help us define and share good practice.

We will work with professional bodies and Health Education England to develop training on comprehensive assessments for frailty.

This will help people living with frailty to feel more supported and involved in their assessment and care planning. It will increase timely access to more co-ordinated care that contributes to ageing well and will support a reduction in unnecessary hospital attendances.

Crisis response

We plan to work with Healthy London Partnership on the same day emergency care (SDEC) project. We will work with partners to a framework for acute frailty services with metrics,

We will contribute to the upskilling of urgent and emergency care workforce and promote shared learning between hospital sites.

This will support the achievement of national acute frailty targets and reduce the burden on hospital services by avoiding unnecessary admissions.

Clinical leadership group

Learn more about the Frailty Clinical Leadership Group and download CLG resources on the Frailty CLG page.

Key documents

Download all documents and publications from the London Frailty Clinical Network via our publications page.