Youth Engagement and Voice


Children and young people (CYP) are over a quarter of our population but 100% of our future and must be considered in all aspects of our work in London. According to the 2020 CQC survey, only 47% of CYP feel they are involved in their healthcare decisions. How can we get this to 95%? Our aim is to uplift the voices and experiences of children and young people in healthcare and create change.


Our Voice, Our Care campaign

 Working with our Youth Steering Group, we have a launched the Our Voice, Our Care campaign to:

  • empower young people to know that they have rights in healthcare, and they can expect to be listened to and engaged with by professionals
  • motivate healthcare professionals to improve their engagement skills and build positive relationships with young people

We are also highlighting four statements which young people want to share with healthcare professionals:

  • I am the expert of me, I know my mind and my body better than anyone, tap into that.
  • Accessing healthcare is complex (especially when you’re young), recognise how much it’s taken for me to get help here today.
  • Being listened to and valued helps me trust you, please know the little things really are the big things, a smile, cultural intelligence, a youth friendly environment, really do matter.
  • How you engage with me empowers and builds my confidence in my mind and body.

Watch our campaign video here and download our campaign toolkit to learn more and help share this work.

Find background information on how this campaign was developed here.

Resources for healthcare professionals: