Early Intervention in Psychosis

Programme Lead: Victoria Glen-Day

Psychosis is a medical term used to describe hearing or seeing things or holding unusual beliefs that others do not share. Psychosis causes people to perceive or interpret things differently from those around them. Around one to three in one hundred people will experience a psychotic episode at some point in their life.

Our Early Intervention in Psychosis team have developed a range of materials designed to support GPs if they suspect someone may be experiencing a first episode of psychosis.

Find out more about psychosis and download resources on My Health London website.

If you’ve been affected by psychosis

Psychosis can affect you if you’re a child, young person, or an adult. Find out what some of the symptoms are, what support is available and what to do if you care for someone with psychosis.

Find out more about the national early intervention to psychosis standards, what to do it you’re a GP, as well as data and dashboards.