Preparations for an Autumn/Winter 2024/25 flu and COVID-19 seasonal campaign

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  • Integrated care boards (ICB) chief executives
  • Trust chief executives
  • GP practices
  • Community pharmacies
  • Primary care networks
  • Local government chief executives
  • Health and Justice healthcare providers
  • School aged immunisation service providers
  • Directors of public health


  • Regional directors
  • Regional directors of commissioning

Dear colleagues,

Preparations for an Autumn/Winter 2024/25 flu and COVID-19 seasonal campaign

Thank you to those of you currently taking part in the Spring COVID-19 vaccination campaign. We are starting to put in place arrangements for the COVID-19 and flu campaigns for this coming Autumn.

Although we have not yet received JCVI advice on what will be required of a possible COVID-19 vaccination programme beyond 31 August 2024, we ask providers to plan on a similar basis to last Autumn, though acknowledging JCVI’s steer in February that the Autumn 2024 campaign may be smaller than the autumn 2023 campaign. Eligible cohorts will be confirmed in due course, following the Government’s consideration of JCVI advice.

We will agree that precise start date for the COVID-19 and flu campaigns in due course. However, providers should work on the basis that the COVID-19 and adult flu programmes will commence in early October. This maximises the opportunity for co-administration while also reflecting JCVI advice that the flu vaccine’s effectiveness can wane over time.

Further detail about supply and training will be provided ahead of the campaign.

A new procurement process from September 2024 to March 2026

Today we are launching a new procurement process for COVID-19 vaccination services and are publishing the contractual documentation to support this process. Contracts will last from 1 September 2024 to 31 March 2026 to minimise the administrative burden and provide providers with more stability. This new process is line with the Provider Selection Regime.

The Response Document to this procurement is short, seeking essential information only to assure the Commissioner the Minimum Requirements will be met and to collate necessary information to support the timely onboarding of approved new sites.

Key actions for all providers who wish to participate in the Autumn 2024 campaign (including, but not limited to, existing providers of COVID-19 vaccination services) are:

  • Visit the online portal and complete the Response Document by 23:59 on 27 June 2024 to participate in the Autumn 2024 campaign.
  • Read the following Guidance and Terms which outline the process and key deadlines in full.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Minimum Requirements set out in the site sign-up process. NHS Standard Contract holders, PCN Groupings and Community Pharmacies, GP federations, independent sector providers, charities and other healthcare providers will be able to apply to hold a COVID-19 vaccination service contract subject to meeting the Minimum Requirements.

Response Documents will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the contractual period up until the Final Response Deadline which will be announced at a later stage once we know the final Campaign which will be covered by the September 2024 to March 2026 contractual documents.

There may be a separate follow-up procurement process for the selection of more designated sites or activity if deemed necessary for population need.

Please note the following groups do not need to submit a Response Document as these services will be commissioned separately due to their specialist nature:

  • NHS Standard Contract Holders who only wish to vaccinate Service Users and NOT wider public cohorts;
  • Providers of the Service in Detained Estates settings.  

Publication of new contracts

COVID-19 vaccination contracts are expected to be in place from 1 September 2024 to 31 March 2026 with the potential to extend by up to twelve months subject to usual engagement processes with representative bodies. The actual timings and scope of any vaccination requirements will be agreed and announced in line with usual processes.

GPs are invited to participate in an enhanced service as part of a PCN Grouping and within a collaboration agreement. CPs are invited to participate in an enhanced service.

Trusts and other providers (that are legal entities and hold CQC or GPhC registration or will hold it by the Commencement Date) are invited to participate under a variation to their NHS Standard Contract. The relevant schedules can be found here: NHS England » COVID-19 vaccination site sign-up process – guidance for all suppliers. Those who do not hold an NHS Contract but fulfil the Minimum Requirements and are commissioned will be issued an NHS Standard Contract Short Form.

Please note that PCN groupings will continue to be required to deliver care home and housebound vaccinations and other providers will only be able to vaccinate these groups if requested by the Commissioner.

The annual flu letter for the 2024-25 seasonal influenza programme has been published previously and service specifications and schedules for the 2024-25 seasonal influenza programmes can be found here for GPs: NHS England » General practice enhanced service specification: Seasonal influenza vaccination programme 2024/25 and here for CPs: NHS England » Community pharmacy seasonal influenza vaccine service.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of all providers and encourage every provider that meets the minimum requirements to sign up to this important public health programme. If you have any queries relating to the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme Site Sign-up Process, these should be directed to

Yours sincerely,

Steve Russell, Chief Delivery Officer and National Director for Vaccinations and Screening, NHS England.