Perinatal mental health

Women can develop a mental illness during pregnancy and after the birth of a child. About 3 per cent will develop a serious mental illness and require specialist care and treatment from a specialised perinatal mental health services (inpatient mother and baby unit and/or perinatal community psychiatric team). 10 to 15 per cent will develop a mild to moderate postnatal disorder and most of these will be cared for by primary care services. The aim of the programme is to assist in the development of community and hospital services so that all women in the East Midlands who experience a mental health disorder in pregnancy or the postpartum period have access to the services they require to help them recover from their illness.

The Maternity Clinical Network is supporting work on Perinatal Mental Health which is being led by the Mental Health Clinical Network.

Who to contact for further information

Ian Rothera, Network Senior Quality Improvement Manager