Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

The PGDs that can be accessed from this page are authorised for use in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire only. Staff working for practices in other areas should contact their local SIT. Details of NHS England offices can be found by following the link to the regional team pages using the Contact us tab above.

The latest version of all PGDs will have been sent to your practice’s manager and published below. Please also read the supporting information provided (in the yellow box) regarding commissioning responsibilities and contractual obligations. Any previous versions of PGDs must be taken out of circulation but must be retained by the practice as per NHS records policy (details below).

The content of most of the following PGDs is the same but you do need to use the version that was issued for the county in which your practice is situated, in order to fulfill the legal requirements.

Travel PGDs

Travel indications do not fall within our remit (“section 7a”).  In the absence of any nationally produced PGDs for travel vaccinations, some CCGs have produced and distributed their own. However, PHE has now begun to develop template PGDs and we will adopt these for local use by practices as and when they are published.  These locally adopted versions will appear in this section of our web pages. Where applicable, they also include the public health management of case contacts and outbreaks, should the local PHE health protection team advise that this is necessary.

As these are the most up to date versions of these PGDs we would urge you to use these in preference to those produced locally. Until such times as a full suite of national PGDs has been produced and adopted you will need to continue to use either a locally produced (CCG) PGD or PSD for some vaccinations. Please contact the CCG’s medicines management pharmacist or nursing & quality team if you have questions about any PGDs produced by your CCG.

Note: vaccines for which the patient may (HepB solely for travel) or must be charged (e.g. pre-exposure rabies vaccine, MenACWY solely for travel, etc.) cannot – legally – be included in a PGD so a PSD or prescription will always be required. The BMA produce helpful advice about this: Focus on travel immunisation and Focus on hepatitis B immunisations.

Retention of PGDs

As they are the legal authorisation for a non-prescriber to administer (or, occasionally, supply) a prescription only medicine, PGDs should be kept as per other clinical records, i.e. for adults, all PGD documentation must be kept for eight years, and for children until the child is 25 years old, or for eight years after a child’s death.

Full information about retention of NHS records (updated July 2016) is available on the NHS Digital website.

PGDs for use in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire

IMPORTANT NEWS: The immunisation PGDs that we issue to practices are changing from 13 April 2017. Please read the changes to the immunisation PGDs and HPV and Risk Group PGDs for further information:

Risk Group PGDs for use in Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire