Lived experience videos

A number of our NHS people have shared their lived experiences and views to help raise awareness and to discuss positive actions we can all take to address race inequalities. Watch the videos below.

Let’s talk about race

Our ‘Let’s talk about race’ series of videos supports our Midlands Workforce Race, Equality and Inclusion Strategy, as we recognise the importance of making sure organisations have access to a wide range of resources, information, and support to implement the recommendations within the strategy effectively.

The White Ally: Steve Morrison

Steve Morrison, Regional Director of Workforce and OD at NHS England and NHS Improvement (Midlands), talks about what it means to be a white ally and the importance of recognising white privilege in tackling racism. This film is a short introduction to our regional workforce race equality strategy.

The Cultural Ambassador: Suresh Packiam

Suresh Packiam, a trained cultural ambassador and a BME leader, talks about the positive impact cultural ambassadors have in addressing racism. This short video also highlights one of the biggest obstacles we face in moving the race equality agenda forward.

How my lived experience has shaped me: Shajeda Ahmed

Shajeda Ahmed, a senior female BME leader, shares her lived experience of racism and how this has shaped who she is today. Shajeda talks about how we can create an anti-racist and inclusive working environment.

A bit of me: Byron Batten

A social worker by background, now working as a senior leader; Byron Batten, Head of Inclusion-Improvement, Communication and Engagement, talks about how racism has impacted on him and his journey in life. Byron advocates for organisations to enable colleagues to bring their whole selves to work.

The pace of change: Byron Batten

Byron Batten shares his perspective about how great the NHS is to work for, but also how much progress is still needed to address racism affecting some of our black, Asian and other minority ethnic colleagues in the workplace.


What allyship ISN’T: Lenea Nyamapfeka

Lenea Nyamapfeka works as an Equality and Inclusion Compliance Manager and also a WRES Expert. Lenea talks about what white allyship isn’t, as well as providing food for thoughts for those wanting to be an ally.

The right fit: Mwamba Bennett

Mwamba Bennett, a Senior Contract Manager, explains how equality of opportunity can be misunderstood and that we need to do better to involve people with lived experience of racism to improve policy and practices. Mwamba believes that Black Lives Matter movement has created some positive shift.

The Advocate: Jennifer Pearson

Jennifer Pearson, an experienced leader and a Lead Nurse in the Midlands speaks about the power of staff voice. Jennifer believes that we have made some positive shift in creating space for minority staff to be heard and have their say but the pace of change in achieving fairness and equality is too slow.

Staying safe: Jennifer Pearson

Jennifer Pearson talks passionately about her role as a Lead Nurse. As a black female leader and a clinician, Jennifer reminds us why BME voice in decision making process is key in delivering services that meet the needs of our diverse communities.

Get involved

Would you like to share your story or views as an ally? To share any lived experiences of equality issues or share any stories about inclusion and diversity, please email the team here.

The information contained in these films represents the personal views and opinions of the participants and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of their respective organisations. The film content has been made available for informational and educational purposes only.