Cleaning for Confidence

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Keeping NHS premises safe and clean for patients is a commitment that all NHS staff share. It is something that has never been more important.

Evidence shows that a range of actions such as wearing PPE, keeping our distance in and out of work, maintaining good hand hygiene and keeping sites clean will help to significantly reduce the spread of infection.

We know that NHS staff across the Midlands have been working tirelessly throughout 2020 to keep essential services running.

We also know that if PPE is not being worn correctly, social distancing is not maintained and cleaning best practice is not followed then it can contribute to outbreaks in the region – which means we must go further to address this.

As winter 2020 approaches, there has been a notable rise in Coronavirus infections within healthcare settings across the country – something that anecdotal evidence and academic studies alike suggest are impacting the public’s confidence when accessing the medical attention they need.

Cleaning for Confidence: The Midlands approach

In the Midlands, we believe that a clean workplace helps stop the spread of Coronavirus and other infections in NHS settings.

A programme of e-learning – ‘Cleaning for Confidence’ – has been developed to support staff in furthering their knowledge of good cleaning practice, as well as helping to reinforce other actions that help to stop the spread of infection.

How NHS organisations can adopt the campaign

Midlands health and care organisations are being asked to adopt the Cleaning for Confidence package and promote it to their own staff to help spread the word.

This campaign has been designed for organisations to adapt the materials and messaging to suit their own organisation ‘voice’ and to encourage their staff to become ‘cleaning champions’ by completing the online training.

The Cleaning for Confidence campaign has been developed by NHS England and NHS Improvement (Midlands) with the intention that it is adopted and adapted by NHS organisations across the region – primarily by Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), nursing and facilities leads.

The campaign and its materials have been developed with experts in hospitals and with patients.


Access the communications toolkit

This communications toolkit aims to support organisations’ own communication teams by providing a suite of communications materials that can be changed and flexed to suit local needs:

Download the toolkit

Download the Cleaning for Confidence communications toolkit (PDF)

Download campaign materials

Not all heroes wear capes: Alternative campaign materials

Additional campaign materials coming soon

The communications toolkit will be continually added to as additional materials become available. Planned materials that will be added to the suite include:

  • Editable PDF certificate
  • Editable public A4 poster templates
  • Public website banner images
  • Social media ‘quote’ graphics, including editable templates
  • Not all heroes wear capes: Social media graphics
  • Not all heroes wear capes: PDF and editable staff poster templates

Update: New vaccination centre e-learning module launched

A specially developed e-learning package has been launched to support vaccination teams in keeping their vaccination sites clean and safe for the thousands of people visiting them each week, as the largest vaccination programme in the history of the NHS continues at pace.

The e-learning package is available on the Health Education England e-learning platform now. The new module should take around 20 minutes to complete.