Version history

Date Version Summary of change
09.01.2023 V2.4 Hyperlinks to external documents updated.

Section 1.2 – additional guidance on the use of oversleeves added.

Section 1.4 – amended wording of recommendations for use of sterile gloves and gowns.

Section 1.8 – additional information on use of locally approved products for the management of blood and body fluid spills.

Additional recommendations added to section 2.1 on cohorting of infectious patients in hospital settings.

Appendix 7 updated to incorporate process for high risk body fluids (as in box 1 of appendix 9).

EN standards for products used in the management of blood and body fluids spills added to the NIPCM glossary.

07.09.2022 V2.3 Addition of appendices 5a and 5b and removal of previous appendix 5 (glove selection).

Minor change to appendix 11a to clarify precautions for varicella zoster (shingles).

30.08.2022 V2.2 Minor amendments made throughout as suggested by HSE for clarity and to reflect the language used by HSE.
21.07.2022 V2.1 Additional text added to appendix 11b to reflect changes in HCID status of MPX (2022 outbreak strain) and sign-post to UKHSA guidance.
24.05.2022 V2.0 Correction to section 1.9 –  safe management of waste.
14.04.2022 V1.0 First publication.