New care models

New care models are delivering real change for patients and staff. Working with clinicians and the people who use their services, they are developing a ‘blueprint’ for the future of NHS and care services across England. They are being led locally but with national support to help them move forward at pace and to unlock barriers that get in their way.

Organisational form

A number of scenarios have been modelled to help understand some of the practical matters associated with different provider forms capable of holding the Accountable Care Organisation (ACO) Contract, including how they might work in practice. The scenarios are illustrative only and represent a range of options that demonstrate varied characteristics and cover a range of contracting options for accountable care organisations (ACOs).

The detailed scenario modelling and accompanying webinar that summarises the key findings can be found on the NHS Improvement website.

We plan to do further work on the scenarios to ensure they are relevant for local authorities and accountable care systems (ACS).

Integrated Support and Assurance Process

Accountable Care Contracts are innovative, large and of long duration. The national Integrated Support and Assurance Process run by NHS England and NHS Improvement will apply to the award of such contracts.

GP participation in a multispecialty community provider (MCP)

The new business models team have produced a series of videos which seek to portray what it’s like to be a GP in a multispecialty community provider (MCP) and to support GPs to learn more about MCPs.