Models of care publications

This page brings together documents and resources relating to the new care models programme.

Learning from the Acute Care Collaboration vanguards

The report No Hospital is an Island sets out learning from these collaboratives. It was published January 2018.
It highlights how vanguards are finding new ways to:

  • Standardise clinical practice, pooling expertise, sharing vital patient information and analysing patient care across hospitals.
  • Make better use of clinical support services, such as imaging and pathology.
  • More creatively and flexibly use the skills of their healthcare professionals, reducing reliance on agency staff.
  • Build innovative external partnerships with, for example, the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Support more integrated health systems that champion person-centred care.
  • Consolidate corporate support functions to generate efficiencies.

Watch this film on the Royal Free London’s collaboration.
Listen to NHS Providers Chief Executive Chris Hopson explains the value of the report.

The multispecialty community provider (MCP) emerging care model and contract framework

The multispecialty community provider emerging care model and contract framework document, published July 2016, describes what being an MCP means, based on assembling the core features from the 14 MCP vanguards into a common framework.  In addition, the document includes proposals for how the new voluntary contract may work. It proposes the contract will be a multi-year contract with payment operating on the basis of a whole population budget, a new pay-for-performance incentive scheme and risk-and gain-share agreement with the hospital sector. Alongside the document, we will also be publishing further resources. These will be available later this year.

In December 2016, a draft version of this MCP Contract was published together with a set of supporting documents that provide additional information. Although the documents concern the MCP model, many of the principles are transferable to other new models of care. The draft MCP Contract is the product of intensive joint work with a number of vanguards with whom we are co-developing the approach to ensure that the contract will help facilitate local plans.

The integrated primary and acute care system framework

The integrated primary and acute care system (PACS) – describing the care model and the business model framework outlines what a PACS is and the steps required to set one up. It describes the key features of the care model as well as the changes to contracting, funding and organisational form that are needed to deliver a PACS.  The document shares the learning from the nine existing PACS vanguards and includes case studies highlighting their progress to date.

Enhanced health in care homes framework

The enhanced health in care homes (EHCH) framework (published 29 September 2016) lays out a clear vision for working with care homes to provide joined up primary, community and secondary, social care to residents of care and nursing homes, via a range of in reach services. The framework sets out how care can be transformed with staff from across health and social care organisations working together as part of multidisciplinary teams – joining up services  for residents.

Updated evaluation strategy to support sharing of best practice and learning

The new care models programme published the National Evaluation Strategy in May 2016.

The strategy sets out our overall approach to both national and local evaluation of the new care model vanguards.

Evaluation of the vanguards is at the heart of the national new care models programme, providing the robust results and learning that can be rapidly disseminated across the NHS and elsewhere to enable duplication of successful models.

The strategy also outlines a partnership approach to evaluation. It includes analysis of key outcomes of the new care models, as well as provision of support for local evaluation enabling vanguards to evaluate their progress against the measures that are most important to them.