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The vanguard and the people it serves

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is planning to create the Northumbria Foundation Group to widen the support and services it can provide to other parts of the NHS. This will improve both cost efficiency and clinical effectiveness and ensure that high quality patient care is sustainable over the long term.

Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Northumbria Healthcare) offers a range of services across health and social care, in hospital and community settings, as well as in people’s own homes and serves a population of around 520,000.

Widely recognised as one of the country’s top performing NHS foundation trusts and one of only five nationally to be rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission, the Northumbria Foundation Group is being created to help the trust share its knowledge and expertise. It will support other NHS organisations across the country to help meet the challenges outlined in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

What is changing?

By creating a high performing foundation group, Northumbria Healthcare aims to help share its knowledge and spread excellence, through a variety of flexible options such as consultancy and advisory services to other parts of the NHS.

Through the Northumbria Foundation Group, a range of clinical and corporate support services will be available, using proven best practice models to improve productivity and clinical effectiveness, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care and experience. The vision is quite simply to create a more efficient and effective NHS by spreading expertise to improve quality of care, reduce costs and allow NHS organisations to reinvest in patient services.

Northumbria Foundation Group is focusing on being inclusive and working together across different organisations, making sure it can support and work with a number of trusts at any point in time. Group members will be able to choose from a range of membership options, all designed to help them work more closely together with other group members and partners to spread learning and innovation. Other initiatives are also being brought in to help support this new way of working, such as systems to share electronic patient information.

The team is also looking to further develop the use of telehealth (equipment which is used to monitor patients’ health remotely) and teleconsultation (e.g. video conversations between patients and health professionals), as well as apps, to help group members and their patients to effectively manage and monitor long term conditions and treatment plans.

The Northumbria Foundation Group will continue to watch and learn from examples of best practice being delivered around the world in order to further develop and enhance the foundation group in the future.

Key benefits

  • Spreading innovation and best practice across the NHS
  • Developing consistently high quality services and better management of long term conditions across the group will improve the health and wellbeing of local people
  • Improved standards of care and reduced variation will help reduce health inequalities
  • By working together through shared clinical networks or services, the group will become more cost effective and efficient.

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