NHS70: spotlight on mental health

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It is a historic time for mental health. NHS England has undertaken an ambitious programme to transform mental health services by 2020/21 – and to provide equal status to mental and physical health, equal status to mental health staff and equal funding for mental health services.

Putting these plans into action means we must ensure funding reaches the front-line, that we recruit and retain highly trained staff and tackle inequalities so that everyone can access mental health care no matter their age, location, revenues or ethnicity.

After decades of under-investment there’s a lot to do and we will need the support of the whole health and care system, as well as service users and their families, to develop the right services and fully integrate mental and physical health care.

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Hertfordshire perinatal mental health community services case study

Through the personal stories of service providers and mothers this video highlights the importance of perinatal mental health, the positive impact services have on people’s lives, and the progress made by NHS England in this field.

NHS staff members share their proudest moment at work

Watch this short video in which mental health staff members from East London Foundation Trust share their proudest moment at work to inspire others seeking careers in mental health.

Case studies

Employment Advisors in Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) service at Let’s Talk-Wellbeing

Case study summary In autumn 2017 talking therapies service Let’s Talk-Wellbeing (LTW) Leicestershire County and Rutland (provided by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust), with the government’s Joint Work and Health Unit, agreed to be part of a pilot to integrate Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT), healthcare and employment support. Launched in December 2017, LTW…