NHS Payment Scheme

The 2022 Health and Care Act replaces the National Tariff Payment System with the NHS Payment Scheme. The 2022/23 National Tariff will continue to be in effect until the first NHS Payment Scheme is introduced.

The consultation on the 2023/25 NHS Payment Scheme closed on 27 January 2023.

The consultation includes all documents that are expected to form part of the final NHS Payment Scheme package. We will make decisions on whether to publish the final payment scheme, and if any changes are needed to the documents, based on the feedback submitted to the consultation.

If you have any questions about the National Tariff or the NHS Payment Scheme, please contact pricing@england.nhs.uk.


2023/24 Elective Recovery Fund

The 2023/24 Elective Recovery Fund technical guidance was published on 27 January as part of the updated set of operational planning and contracting guidance.

To help stakeholders understand how the ERF will operate for 2023/24, we are holding a webinar on 2 February, 2-3pmPlease book your place here. The webinar will discuss the ERF arrangements and allow time for a quesion and answer session.