NHS75 branding

To help celebrate the 75th birthday of the NHS in July 2023, a ‘Supporting NHS75’ mark has been created for use by approved and permitted stakeholders. The mark consists of the NHS logo and the number 75 together with the word supporting above it.

NHS organisations

NHS organisations can use the NHS75 mark in the same way that they can freely use the NHS lozenge, unless intended for a commercial partnership. You will be able to access this on NHS CommsLink or via your communications team.

Partner organisations

The mark can be used with permission by approved partner organisations until 31 December 2023. All requests to use the mark should be sent to england.nhs75@nhs.net and must be relevant and aligned with activities supporting the NHS 75th birthday.

To streamline the approval process, please provide the following information in your submission:

  • an overview of how you intend to use the ‘Supporting NHS75’ mark
  • any illustrations of the layout and format
  • details on when you will use the mark
  • how your plans align with the NHS ethos and birthday celebrations.

For any third-party organisations and suppliers of goods and services to the NHS, the same rules apply as current NHS identity guidance on use of the core NHS logo, and organisational logos.