Improving Board diversity

To make the best possible decisions, NHS Boards need to have diverse, inclusive and compassionate leadership. Boards made up of people with a mix of experience and skills gained from a range of backgrounds and lived experience bring fresh ideas, greater challenge and more robust decision making.  Boards reflective of your local communities in terms of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality will be more equipped to understand the communities and patients you serve.

Given the diverse nature of the communities that we serve it is important to improve the diversity of the candidate pool from which senior appointments are made.

We offer a range of support in finding and developing talented people with diverse backgrounds with the skills and experience needed for chair and non-executive director role on NHS Provider Boards.  The team is able to provide advice on strategies for succession, open and inclusive recruitment practices to attract a greater diversity of talent and to help promote opportunities to those interested in Non-executive Director roles.

The Seacole Group

The Seacole Group is a network for BAME Non-executive Directors in the NHS who together bring knowledge, skills and unique cultural intelligence to help the NHS govern more effectively. They can provide support if you need help with ensuring a diverse selection panel who understands the Non-executive Director role and has the ambition to support under-represented groups into these roles.  They provide support in accessing experienced Chairs and Non-executive Directors who can bring their knowledge and experience to selection panels as independent members.  The Seacole Group can also share Chairs and Non-executive Director vacancies with their growing membership to access their personal networks and help trusts ensure the best possible field of candidates for these important roles.   You can access either of these support mechanisms by contacting the Group by emailing