Benjamin Haigh

Benjamin Haigh

My name is Benjamin Haigh and I am 29 years old. I am a full time Clinical Support Worker and Part time student nurse on the Burns Unit at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield and have been for the past 5 years.  

Benjamin Haigh is a full-time Clinical Support Worker and part-time student nurse in the Burns Unit at the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield. 

‘I work as part of a multi-disciplinary team which is formed up nurses, doctors, therapists and support workers. On a typical day I will go on duty at 7am and following handover I will assist colleagues to complete the personal care needs of our patients throughout the day. This might cover assisting with dietary and fluid intake, changing dressings, phlebotomy and ECG work, and dealing with admissions. On occasions I will assist the specialist burns nurse to see patients past and present in our outpatient clinic.’  

Phlebotomy, ECG’s and understanding dressings are but few of a variety of clinical skills I have acquired during my time as Support Worker.  

Prior to joining the NHS Benjamin worked in a variety of professions including as a care assistant, dog walker and bus driver. 

‘My reasoning behind joining the NHS was simple: I love helping people and I get great satisfaction knowing that people who are in their most vulnerable time are receiving care and assistance when it is needed the most.  

‘The Burns Unit is a specialist area and home to some of the most dedicated, supportive and professional individuals I have met; each one is extremely compassionate towards their patients and provides gold standard care.’ 

Benjamin is two years into a four-year Nursing degree and says he’s been supported in studies by his peers and managers.  

‘I envisage that on completion of my degree I will obtain a staff nurse post within Sheffield Hospitals Teaching Trust and as I gain experience I would seek to advance and broaden my future horizons in nursing care.’ 

Reflecting on his role, he adds: ‘Being a support worker for Sheffield Teaching Hospitals gives you first-hand experience of what it’s like to work within the caring sector, and provides endless opportunities within some specialised and acute medical and surgical directorates.  

‘It not only gives you the fundamental foundations of health care, but I believe it’s aided my development to act as an advocate for my patients, ensuring they receive the best person-centred care.’