Jo Inglis

Jo Inglis

Jo Inglis is a Charge Nurse at Maister Lodge, an inpatient unit providing a comprehensive, needs led service to patients who are experiencing organic mental health problems such as dementia, part of Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust.  

Prior to working for the NHS, Jo worked in various roles to fit around her family life and her two children. 

In 2006 Jo joined Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust as an admin assistant. Whilst working on one of the adult inpatient units, Jo progressed into a Medical Secretary role for a Consultant Psychiatrist and quickly got to know staff and patients on the ward. 

Jo said: ‘I loved being around the patients. I quickly found that I enjoyed the patients coming into the office and had a real interest in what brought them to the ward and their difficulties. One day the consultant said I should consider working on the ward as I had a good approach with the patients.’ 

Shortly after, a secondment opportunity arose to join a Mental Health Nurse training programme. Jo applied and was successful. As the course commenced, Jo also decided to sign up as a Healthcare Assistant to gain experience of the role within an inpatient unit. 

‘I believe that a healthcare role is a privileged role. You are involved in some of the most private and intimate situations, including personal cares, end of life care, working with families, some patients who may be very distressed at a time when compassion and care can make a real difference to them.’ 

After passing her training, she successfully gained a Staff Nurse post on the same ward. Since then, she’s undertaken further training and mentorship, seeing her career progress to a ward manager – where she’s now been for the past 5 years.  

‘In all the roles I’ve had, I’ve found them very rewarding. Even on some of the most difficult days, I find there is always something that has made a difference to someone, improving their quality of life.’ 

As a ward manager, Jo encourages development within her own team, with some of her colleagues currently on the Healthcare Assistant apprenticeship scheme. 

‘I am keen to promote people developing and progressing in their careers. Once people are working in a healthcare setting, with commitment, dedication, and motivation there is so much training and career progression.’ 

‘I would advise anyone considering a career as a Healthcare Support Worker to take the plunge. It is really worth the hard work.’