Advanced Communications Skills Training (ACST)

Advanced Communication Skills Training (ACST)

What is ACST and who is it for?

ACST is for health and social care professionals who are regularly involved in complex, difficult or challenging conversations with patients, families, or colleagues; for example, responding to distress and anger.

The North West Coast Learning Collaborative have developed Standards and Guidelines for the provision of Advanced and Key Communication Skills Training to help assure the quality of advanced and key levels communication skills training delivered across the region.

The ACST course uses the Standards and Guidelines for the provision of Advanced Communication Skills training.  The course is evidence based delivered over 2-days by trained Facilitators.  The focus is on identifying complex communication issues, handling anger and distress, exploring the impact on people their families, reflecting on own communication skills and developing these in a safe and supportive environment.

Advanced Communication Skills Training is offered through education hubs across the region.  The education hubs currently offering Advanced Communication Skills Training (ACST) are: