Chief Nursing Officer Safer Staffing Fellowship programme

NHS England, in collaboration with The Shelford Group, has designed the Chief Nursing Offer (CNO) Safer Staffing Fellowship programme to support our shared vision of embedding a sustainable, consistent approach to safer staffing in the NHS.

This is a robust educational programme taught by expert academics and practitioners and accredited to MSc level by Birmingham City University.

Aimed at healthcare leaders with workforce planning, delivery and assurance responsibilities, the programme aims to create a geographically representative group of fellows with specialist knowledge and skills, to plan and implement evidence-based staffing programmes for a variety of clinical specialties. This will ensure the continued progress of sustainable, evidence-based safer staffing skills within NHS trusts and support compliance with developing workforce safeguards.

Key learning in the programme includes:

  • the study of safer staffing principles
  • critical analysis of evidence-based tools
  • how to provide direct support, including training trust staff in the application of safer staffing tools
  • how to undertake a trust review of staffing
  • how to support the development of new specialty tools and advise on policy development
  • how to use staffing multipliers, activity analysis and carry out staffing assessments.


The CNO Safer Staffing Fellowship Programme has fellows across England. If you want to connect with the fellow or fellows in your area, or you would like more information regarding the programme and future cohorts, please email

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