Shared Professional Decision-Making: putting collective leadership into practice

The principles of shared decision-making ensure that agreement is reached in an inclusive and collaborative way.

When applied between professionals the process of shared decision-making offers a non-hierarchical approach to collective leadership. This can drive forwards quality and service improvements, supporting innovation and delivering better outcomes for individuals, populations and staff.

Whether involving decisions that affect the day to day work of teams or those concerning communities, organisations or the profession; by coming together in this way and underpinned by the relevant evidence-base this provides us with a strong collective professional voice.

The first national CNO Shared Professional Decision-Making Council was established in May 2020 with a number of colleagues from a range of organisations where they work at the point of care.

This council comes together virtually with Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England to particularly discuss how in response to COVID-19, new ways of working clinically, operationally or in terms of governance were developed.

The Council members share their own personal learning as well as discussing and debating the relevant professional, clinical and operational matters that are important to them, their colleagues and the people they care for.

Further opportunities are following soon for others who are interested in being involved as other councils are established. To find out more please contact

Nursing and Midwifery COVID-19 Catalogue of Change

The Nursing and Midwifery COVID-19 Catalogue of Change includes a wide range of cases studies from nurses and midwives from across England; sharing ideas and innovations that they have put in place and that have made a difference in these difficult times.

The case studies showcase collective leadership, both clinically and operationally across a range of settings such as NHS trusts, general practice, academia, care homes and community settings.  They also include new learning emerging from the CNO national shared professional decision-making councils.

Supporting leadership at all levels and #1ProfessionalVoice, the Nursing and Midwifery COVID-19 Catalogue of Change shares real-time point of care learning.

“I believe that this is the new leadership model for today and the future, and with this in mind I hope we can work together as #teamCNO to grow our shared leadership mindset and voice.”

Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer for England.

To contribute to the catalogue or to further discuss this resource further please email