A new strategy and vision for nursing, midwifery and care staff

Developed and launched in 2012, Compassion in Practice, the national strategy for nurses, midwives and care staff will conclude in March 2016. We now have an opportunity to build on the successes to harness and strengthen the collective clinical contribution to agree what we do next to ensure that compassion remains central to the delivery of all health and care for people in England in future years.

Building on Compassion in Practice, ‘Our Vision’ is a working title for the next national vision and strategy, which is being developed with ALB nursing leaders, national organisations and in partnership with nurses, midwives, care staff, the people we care for, carers, the public, other staff groups, colleagues in relevant sectors, professional organisations and academia.

A partnership approach will secure the best possibility of delivering improvements in outcomes, experience and better use of resources as set out in the Five Year Forward View.

How will we develop the new vision and strategy for nurses, midwives and care staff?

Five themes emerged through a variety of engagement activities that took place across the health and care system in 2015:

  • Population health and prevention
  • Personalisation agenda
  • Ensuring productivity, safety and effective staffing
  • Optimising service transformation, innovation and improvement
  • Building and sustaining the future workforce

We are working closely with health and care professionals to explore the suggested priorities of the strategy and vision in more detail. This has included a Think Tank discussion in November and two exploratory workshop sessions held at the CNO annual Summit in December, where senior nursing and midwifery leaders shared their views and ideas on the themes and joined in the conversation online during the workshops.

The evidence-based knowledge gathered at the earlier engagement stage will be used as a catalyst for real and transformational changes in population healthcare at local level, with the aim to align the new strategy’s improvement methodology to that used within the Right Care Programme.

What are we doing next?

In Phase two of the development of the new strategy runs until mid-January 2016. we are:

  • Reviewing all the feedback we gathered during the variety of engagement activities carried out in 2015
  • Testing and reshaping the new strategy framework with key stakeholders, with an aim of a working version of the strategy being launched in spring 2016

Compassion in Practice: Repository of Evidence

An evidence repository is being developed to store the products, outputs, case studies and other resources that were developed throughout the Compassion in Practice strategy. The repository will ensure that good practice examples and evaluations of outputs from the Compassion in Practice programme areas will be accessible to staff and other stakeholders. This repository also forms some of the baseline information that will support development of the new vision and strategy, ongoing programmes of work and further implementation beyond the end of the Compassion in Practice strategy in March 2016. We will be uploading this information shortly and you will be able to access the full content at Compassion in Practice: Repository of Evidence.

Join the conversation

In phase two, we want you to keep connected with us to share your views and follow the progress of the development of the new strategy.

There are still many ways you can stay connected with us, including: