Further resources are available to support you with demand and capacity modelling.

FutureNHS workspace

The FutureNHS demand and capacity workspace is an online collaboration platform for NHS colleagues. The workspace is a repository of additional resources that is available to support you with different aspects of your demand and capacity journey.

Items that may be of particular interest include:

  • Case studies
  • Webinar recordings
  • Learning and development opportunities
  • Demand and capacity forum

Case studies

A range of case studies are available to access on the FutureNHS workspace.

The case studies are examples of how different aspects of demand and capacity modelling, methodologies or principles have been applied in practical, real-life situations. They provide examples and ideas to support with getting started, benefits achieved, lessons learned and top tips.

Webinar recordings

There are a range of recorded webinars that are available to view on the FutureNHS workspace.

Online training opportunities, learning and development

Whatever your available time, level of interest and experience, there are a range of learning and development opportunities available.

If you have a few hours available and want to expand your knowledge:


If you have more time available and want to watch our online video tutorials and enhance your knowledge and understanding further:

Demand and capacity open online course

This open online course consists of seven modules that are designed to give an introduction to demand and capacity modelling. The modules cover starting your journey, an introduction to demand and capacity through to using the outputs of modelling.

Online model video tutorials

Download our models and watch our online video tutorials to find out how to complete the models. Some of the case studies also feature specific models which provide ideas and examples of how the models can be used.

Demand and capacity forum

If you want to ask a question, reach out to other demand and capacity practitioners, or to find out if anyone else has undertaken demand and capacity modelling for a service or pathway that you are interested in use the Demand and Capacity Forum available on the FutureNHS Demand and Capacity workspace.

Further demand and capacity recordings

There are more demand and capacity resources available on the Demand and Capacity team YouTube playlist that you can view to support your learning and to hear about how demand and capacity planning has been used in real-life situations.

External resources

There are other resources which may be of interest.

Further/dedicated support

  • Access further support: Service (Operational) level Demand and Capacity Planning: Dedicated Support Offer