Examples of how people are getting involved

Patients and the public across England are already doing their bit to improve healthcare services.

Improving healthcare services in Nottingham

Mark Russell is a lay member of NHS Nottingham West Clinical Commissioning Group. In this short film he talks about his experiences of being involved with the CCG and working with others to bring about positive change for those using healthcare services in Nottingham.

Understanding patient experiences

In London past patients have been getting involved in improving hospital services by gathering feedback from current patients. Jason, Nayana and Ian have been working with the East London NHS Foundation Trust.

In this short film they talk about their roles and the positive impact getting involved has had on themselves and patients.

Ensuring the voice of young people is heard

Members of NHS England’s Youth Forum work together to make sure decision makers understand the healthcare needs of young people. You can hear why these young people give their time and what changes they want to bring about in this film.