World Patient Safety Day 2023 – engaging patients for patient safety

The theme for WHO World Patient Safety Day 2023 is engaging patients for patient safety, which is closely linked to our Framework for involving patients in patient safety.

Across the weeks leading up to and after World Patient Safety Day on 17 September, we are sharing a range of videos, podcasts and blogs to show some of the work that is happening across the NHS to engage patients with patient safety.

As well as sharing via our National Patient Safety Team’s Twitter account @ptsafetyNHS, we will also add these materials to this webpage, so they can be viewed as a full set and provide a useful resources both for organisations currently implementing the Framework for involving patients in patient safety, and for patients, family members or carers looking to find out more about this work.



Involving patients in patient safety at Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Simple steps to keep you safe during your hospital stay – video for patients

World Patient Safety Day 2023 bitesize videos:

Bitesize video #1

Joan Russel and Hester Wain in the National Patient Safety Team talk about the history of involving patients in patient safety in the NHS, future plans, and what is coming up for World Patient Safety Day 2023

Bitesize video #2

Henrietta Hughes, Patient Safety Commissioner for England, talks about how this year’s theme of engaging patients for patient safety, links to her work and the reasons why we need to involve and listen to the views of patients.

Bitesize video #3

Jane Murkin, Deputy Director of Safety and Improvement – Nursing, NHS England, talks about the Worry and Concern Improvement Collaborative’s pilot work in seven regional pilot sites, who are testing a system that enables patients, families, carers or care partners to raise any concerns they have in relation to acute deterioration or illness.


We have recorded a series of podcasts with some of the National Patient Safety Partners who support the work of the National Patient Safety Team. In these podcasts the partners share their personal stories of why they got involved with patient safety, share examples of the work they have been doing as patients to support patient safety improvement and their views on why it is so important to involve patients in this work.

Podcast #1 – Graham’s story

Podcast #2 – Douglas’ story

Podcast #3 John’s story

Podcast #4 Khudeja’s story

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