National tariff payment system

A set of prices and rules to help commissioners and providers of NHS care provide best value to their patients.

The 2022 Health and Care Act replaces the National Tariff Payment System with the NHS Payment Scheme.


2022/23 National Tariff Payment System

The 2022/23 National Tariff Payment System came into effect on 1 April 2022. The documents linked to below provide details of the tariff rules and prices , and guidance on implementing them. See also the locally determined prices page for templates and information on local variations and other local pricing.

Any variation from the aligned payment and incentive arrangements set out in the tariff rules need to be approved by NHS England. Please use the template, available from the locally determined prices page to apply for any changes.

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Tariff documents, annexes and supporting documents

Read the tariff documents, annexes and supporting documents.

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