Pressure ulcer core curriculum

Our core curriculum will guide and educate nurses and other healthcare professionals on the steps needed to prevent pressure ulcers from developing and causing avoidable harm.

Pressure ulcers remain a challenge for the patients who develop them, and the healthcare professionals involved in their prevention and management. There is no current curriculum standard for pressure ulcer education for nurses or other healthcare professionals.

Pressure ulcer core curriculum

The national Stop the Pressure programme has designed a core curriculum to provide education to nurses and other healthcare professionals.

The curriculum has been designed to be useful for staff training and consists of three main sections:

  • a framework for use in academic settings containing aims, learning outcomes, theory and skills components
  • a framework for clinical staff delivering education in their clinical setting. This version has content headings on three levels: fundamental, intermediate and advanced
  • a framework for individual learning to guide practitioners on how to make the best of the content through reflective practice and how to capture what they have learned to support their revalidation