Managing Healthcare Fire Safety (HTM 05-01)

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This Health Technical Memorandum sets out recommendations and guidance for the management of fire safety in healthcare buildings. It should be read in conjunction with other Health Technical Memoranda in the Firecode suite:

  • Fire safety in the design of healthcare premises (HTM 05-02)
  • Operational Provisions (HTM 05-03)



While Heath Technical Memoranda 05-02 and 05-03 provide guidance in respect of the fireĀ  precautions and protective measures appropriate for healthcare premises, this Health Technical Memorandum is intended to assist in determining the appropriate fire safety management system to be applied to healthcare organisations.

It sets out guidance that recognises the nature of healthcare organisations and the need for a robust system of fire safety management. The guidance and recommendations contained in this Health Technical Memorandum should allow the current statutory regulations to be applied sensibly within a framework of understanding

Published 18 July 2006.
Last updated 23 April 2013.